Bel Ami boy Dolph Lambert. My favorite.

Smile 300: Fammi provare del piacere. Gioca con me. Dolcezza.  Italiano per: Pleasure me. Play with me. Sweet thing.
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Max Emerson in Adore Delano's DTF


HOT JOCKBOYS on a sexy GYM BRO date…

Why do JOCKBOYS like to start their dates at the gym together instead of out to dinner or movies or whatever??

Because after your Master’s TRAINING has kicked in, you CRAVE the sexy sweaty manly FEELING of your BROS HOT PUMPED UP BODY… and the best thing you can possibly do to make your MUSCLES GROW BIGGER FASTER… is to get together and take turns MASSAGING your sexy BRO… it FEELS GOOD… leads to NAKEDNESS… TOUCHING… INTIMACY.. and DEEPER BONDING… all EXCELLENT ways to help SERVE and SUPPORT your Master and your TEAM mates each and every day… ;)

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